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Something for everyone. Our Coffees start with the highest quality handpicked beans -100% Arabica. We choose Arabica to provide refined, complex flavor and aroma in every cup. We use European preparation, more carefully picked, screened and processed to ensure uniform size and density for even roasting and consistently great roasting coffee. The coffee is directly purchased from the source – local auction and estates rather than from brokers or third parties to obtain exceptional coffee.

Nittany Coffee is roasted to order with state of art computer programming and expert personal supervision. Our coffee is packed, in the most up to date packaging available to maintain quality and freshness.

We at Nittany Coffee are proud to serve you! For more flavors, gift ideas and reorders, visit our website at www.Reflections-PA.com.
The coffee is packaged in heat-sealed one-way valved foil bags. Secure purchase via PayPal.

Happy Valley Blend

Happy Valley
Breakfast Blend

Flavorful city roasted beans from Central and South America.

12 oz. Bag ~ $10.95

2 oz. Bag ~ $2.25

Java Joe

Joe's Java
Italian Roast

This Italian style espresso, with its wonderful bouquet, perfectly balanced taste, robust flavor and very mild acidity.

12 oz. Bag ~ $11.50

2 oz. Bag ~ $2.25

Nittany Purrrrr

Nittany Purrrrrrr
French Roast Decaf

Decaffeinated by a special European process. A bold, full city roast coffee that is strong but not bitter. Full body with medium acidity

12 oz. Bag ~ $11.50

2 oz. Bag ~ $2.49
Nittany ROAR!

Nittany Roar
French Roast

A bold, full city roast coffee that is strong but not bitter. A full body with medium acidity. 

12 oz. Bag ~ $10.95

2 oz. Bag ~ $2.25

Nittany Coffee Chocolate Covered Expresso Beans

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Our chocolate covered espresso beans are a sweet indulgence to tantalize your taste buds. We start with premium Arabica espresso beans, and combine them with our luscious dark chocolate to form a delicious masterpiece that will make your mouth water every time.
4 oz. ~ $4.99

Nittany ROAR!

Taste of Nittany Coffee

Nittany Coffee Gift Set of4 - 2 oz. bags of each Nittany Coffee blend 8 oz. Set ~ $10.99